How to spend your spring break stay-cation

Spring break is right around the corner, and that could mean a beach trip with friends, a ski trip up north, or for most, a relaxing week at home. For some, staying at home sounds like the worst way to spend your break, but here is a list of fun things to do for your staycation in Georgia:
1. Get outdoors
It’s always a good idea to get outside and get some Vitamin D. During your free time, go for a walk, a swim at your pool, or even try camping. There’s lots of camping locations at Lake Lanier and around the Buford area, so it’s guaranteed there’s something for everyone!
2. Be a tourist in Atlanta
Atlanta has lots of attractions to visit, such as the Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta Zoo, Fern Bank, Botanical Gardens, and more. Get a group of friends together and take a day trip touring around your city!
3. Visit an amusement park
Go to an amusement park and ride rides all day long! Six Flags is a great option, and it’s even better during a warm spring day.
4. Binge watch a TV show
With all this extra time, scroll through your favorite tv programs and find a new TV series to binge watch. Some great shows I would recommend are Outer Banks, Euphoria, The Vampire Diaries, The Flash, New Girl, etc.
5. Read a new book series
Reading may not be everyone’s favorite, but for those who enjoy it, spend your free time finding a new book and challenge yourself to finish it by the end of the break. It’s not only a fun challenge, but it’s a way to relax and enjoy a quality book.
6. Learn a new hobby
There’s plenty of new hobbies to try out when you’re bored at home with nothing to do, such as playing a sport, learning a new language, playing an instrument, or even creating something new.
7. Have a picnic
Getting outdoors is fun, but what’s even more exciting is sitting outside with a group of friends and having a picnic. Drive to a park or lake and eat some food outside while enjoying each other’s company.
8. Have a self care day
Spending time with yourself is most important, so take this opportunity to pamper yourself with a self care day. You can try taking a bath, doing a face mask, going shopping, yoga, decluttering your space, or even unplugging for the day and taking a break from your electronics.
9. Catch up on sleep
School can be really stressful and tiring, so you should take this free time to catch up on any sleep you’re missing out on. Sleep in and take as many naps as you want while you have the time and don’t be so hard on yourself about it.
10. Spend time with your loved ones
Spending time with your relatives or even friends is always a great way to spend your free time. Plan a day or two and go out with those special people in your life.
Whether you’re going out of town or staying home, you can always find ways to make the most of your time. Enjoy this free time while you can, and don’t be upset if you’re not going anywhere, you can always make being at home just as fun!