The NFL’s new showboating policy

The Cleaner

Whether you like it or not, when you have a group of people playing a game in front of tens of thousands of energized fans, you’re going to get some emotion from the players. Taking that breathtaking moment of scoring and being able to express all of your emotions away is not right.
Roger Goodell and the NFL altered their celebration policy in May 2017, allowing players to express themselves and have more fun while playing their favorite sport. However, after the implementation of these new rules, just one year later, celebration penalties and fines started. Showboating is not only frowned upon, but also unlawful in today’s sports world, and may result in penalties, bans, and fines. The prohibition of showboating at all levels of sports has reduced not just the amount of fun that athletes enjoy, but has also reduced the amount of entertainment available to spectators.
Oberlin Commit from Lanier, Anthony Ramos says, “Whenever you score you get rushed with a bunch of crazy emotions. Seeing the crowd hyped because of you is super electrifying and at that moment you should be able to celebrate in any way you want.”
Obviously, there would still be guidelines on celebrations, but as long as it’s appropriate for television, it should be allowed. As fans, we love celebrating with our players, we love seeing them cheerful and showing emotion through us. Showboating is often just a way of showing delight when an individual performs something valuable to one’s team. It is not intended to brag about a win or defeat. Showboating enhances the entertainment and enjoyment of any sport at any level for both the participants and the spectators. Some may claim that too much showboating might discourage the opposing team. While that may be true in youth sports, this is the NFL, grown adults playing at high stakes should be able to express themselves in any way they want playing the sport they love.