Should athletes be held to a higher standard?

The shakeout

Professional athletes are seen as heroes, idols, and even role models. Kids look up to pro athletes and they grow up wanting to be like them. Therefore, when a kid sees a mugshot of their favorite player, what are they supposed to think? It makes children think that getting arrested is normal. For the athletes, it might just be fine, but for the kid, it changes their mindset. Professional athletes need to be better role models and think more about their actions and how they are seen by their fans. For example, players such as Oj Simpson and Aaron Hernandez. The former Heisman winner was set to trial for killing his ex-wife, and Aaron Hernandez was convicted for murdering his friend. Not even just the headline crimes, assault, DUIs, and public indecencies; there are constantly athletes in the news for committing crimes.
Another example is the former goalkeeper for the US Women’s National Team, Hope Solo. No doubt that she was one of the best female athletes of all time, but throughout her time with the team, she got into many different altercations with the law. She was charged with assault and during the 2016 Olympics, she posted all over social media, being vulgar and making jokes about the Zika Virus.
In a story, by Bleacher Reporter it says, “It is disturbing to think what must be going through the heads of young fans as their idols and role models appear more frequently on police blotters than on the sports pages.” Athletes are constantly making headline news with mugshots from them doing irresponsible actions. Parents shouldn’t want their kids looking up to these athletes.
Ultimately, athletes need to be more conscious of their actions and what they’re doing. There should be rules set in place, that when you sign your professional contract, you should also sign that you are going to be better role models to the young kids that look up to you.

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