What is Dual Enrollment?


Central Georgia Technical College


You may have heard the phrase, ‘dual enrollment’ during your time at Lanier, but few may tell you the details of dual enrollment. Dual enrollment is a joint partnership between high school and college courses that an enrolled high school student may take, encompassing both programs. Dual enrollment is sometimes recommended as a way to get extra college credits, while still being enrolled in primary education. AP classes are a far more common suggestion given to students as a way to have an early start in higher education, with more college credits than those who don’t take advantage of AP classes. However, this has caused many to lose out on the opportunity of dual enrollment, due to it scarcely being suggested. Interested in dual enrollment? Here’s what you need to know if you’re a student considering dual enrollment:

Students typically can be full or part-time college students whilst dually enrolled. However, freshmen and sophomores are unable to dually enroll, as it’s only open to junior and senior students.

Be aware that this will cause other differing factors in terms of high school vs college enrollment, or to elaborate, high school and college are inherently different, and therefore compromising must be considered. High school holidays, such as spring break, will be different from the typical high school schedule. The student still must meet the entrance requirements for the college, admittance into the college, as well as be responsible for all communication with said college. The student’s responsibilities also include communication with their high school counselor to discuss schedule and class alterations, schedule approval, and, of course, must currently be attending a public or private high school. There is also a maximum of 30 hours of funded classes, additional dual enrollment classes must be privately funded. Withdrawal from courses may also result in a loss of dually enrolled funding.

There may be other variations of these requirements that differ by state, county, or high school, but these are the general Georgia and Gwinnett County Public Schools requirements. Are you interested? Ask your Lanier High School counselor about dual enrollment, the requirements, and more information today.

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