The Book of Boba Fett Review


There are times when a side character is finally given their place in the spotlight. For Star Wars, fans were blown away by the Disney+ original series The Book of Boba Fett. The show was a blast to watch. Every action sequence was awe-inspiring, and the story was fun and interesting all the way through. This will be a complete look at the series, reviewing what makes it such a great watch. Here is your spoiler warning if you have yet to see it.
Here’s the story so far if you aren’t caught up with the other series on Disney+. The story takes place directly after the events of season two of Disney+’s other original series, The Mandalorian. In the final episode of The Mandalorian, Boba Fett is seen infiltrating the palace of the late gangster Jabba the Hutt. With Jabba dead and no heir available, his legacy has gone unclaimed since his death in Return of the Jedi. As such, Jabba’s chief of staff, Bib Fortuna, has assumed the throne, gorging himself on the spoils of Jabba’s defeat. He is confronted by Boba Fett and after barely finishing his sentence, is shot dead. With Fortuna dead, Fett is finally able to take the throne and become the ruler of Mos Espa and Tatooine’s most prominent criminal powerhouse.
This is an excellent set-up for the series that follows. When the story continues in his own series, we see Boba Fett in a bacta tank-induced flashback that continues through the beginning of many of the episodes in the season. It shows the bounty hunter’s escape from the sarlacc pit from Return of the Jedi. It is an intense scene that is elevated by the audience’s emotional attachment to the character after his appearance in The Mandalorian. He escapes with expert use of his weapons and wit, but he is knocked out by jawas who take his armor and leave him to perish in the sands of Tatooine. It is an excellent sequence that sets up the conflict he must overcome with the Tuskens in subsequent flashbacks. It also shows how he lost his armor as shown in The Mandalorian.
In the story proper, the audience is shown very clearly that Fett does not desire to be like Jabba or Fortuna. He explicitly declines being carried through the streets of Mos Espa. This shows his humility and restraint, both of which make him a more likable character throughout the rest of the series.
In the following episodes, instead of spending his days in his comfy palace like past rulers, we see him actually doing something about some of Mos Espa’s major issues. When he sees a gang of bikers stealing water, he stops them and offers them jobs at his palace. He needs their help and likely sees this as a way of keeping them off the streets. He also introduces himself humbly at the cantina during his first visit. I enjoyed seeing this new side of Boba. It was nice to see a new version of a character everyone already loved.
The story really gets going when it is revealed that the Pyke Syndicate, in the absence of Jabba’s rule, have been using Tatooine as a new route for their spice trade business. This is damaging life on Tatooine, so Fett sets out to put a stop to it. Not only is it a great way to reintroduce a powerful antagonist in such a major way. The reveal that the Pykes have been creating ties with the mayor is even more troubling. With a straight path into the city, the Pykes retaliate against Fett’s attempts to put an end to their business by bombing the cantina that Fett and many residents frequented, killing every civilian inside. With the emotional tension in place, I was fully engaged to watch a final showdown commence.
Speaking of reintroducing a powerful antagonist, there is one more fan-favorite twist that the story has in store. Not only is the Syndicate working with the mayor, they have also employed the infamous bounty hunter Cad Bane. This was a surprise, to be sure, but a very welcome one. As a masterful gunslinger and strategist, Bane brings a whole new threat to the fight when he retaliates against the attempts of the old Mos Pelgo, now called Freetown, to eliminate spice running in their area. Yet again, this adds emotional tension to the conflict, because Fett and Bane have actually met each other before. Fett was Bane’s apprentice for a short time during the Clone Wars, so it was likely a shock to see him again. Bane was a favorite character among fans of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon, so this was an excellent way for him to make a return.
Finally, the climactic battle of Mos Espa and the Pykes was one of the best moments of the entire show. The giant droids clashing with Fett on a rancor was one of the best battles in Star Wars history. Near the end of battle, the final confrontation between Fett and Bane commences. After what felt like a long struggle between the two, Fett stands victorious and stabs Bane with the staff weapon he made during his time with the Tuskens, marking the end of Cad Bane. It is a very heart-wrenching scene that perfectly captures everything fans love about these two characters.
In conclusion, The Book of Boba Fett is one of the best things to come from Star Wars since the end of The Clone Wars. It reinvented everything that has made Star Wars so fun by bringing new light to a character that needed it. This was a blast to watch, and I hope the franchise continues like this in the future.