Rejoindre le club français (Join French club!)


As we all know, there is a huge variety of things to do here at LHS. From the football team to LSLT, there is pretty much something for everyone here, including a French Club. What is the French Club like here at LHS? Well, if you’re interested, keep reading to find out!
Now, of course, if I’m going to find out what French Club is, I have to go to the source. So, I interviewed Mr. Sisson, who is the main sponsor for the club who said, “French Club is an organization for anyone who is interested in French language and the deadline to join is usually sometime around October or November.” Next fall, “people join by going onto MyPaymentsPlus and searching for French Club, [then] paying the $20, which includes a t-shirt.” For now they meet on the first Monday and third Thursday of every month, however, “this changes yearly based on what the students need and when they can meet.”
Mr. Sisson also said, “Some of my favorite things to look forward to are our food events. We have a Mardi Gras celebration every spring. We also typically have an end of the semester food gathering, whether that is here at school or at a restaurant nearby. Some other things to look forward to are learning about French culture with friends and socializing.” He also reflected saying, “My favorite memory with this club is hanging out with students after school and discussing French culture, laughing, and joking around is probably my absolute favorite memory.”
There you have it folks, that is what French Club is all about and how to join! If you have any other questions about French Club, ask Mr. Sisson in room 711 or email him at [email protected] Also feel free to follow their Instagram at @lanierfrench.