Thank you, teachers!

Teachers are the backbone of society; their primary responsibility is to educate the world’s youth, but I mean… no pressure, right? Many teachers are left underappreciated, despite the fact that they put a lot of effort into making learning enjoyable and easy to understand for their students. For this reason, I wanted to take this opportunity to ask various students what they liked most about some of our teachers here at Lanier:
Sarah Jones appreciates Coach Brannen, saying, “I love how even…if the class is dead silent, he’ll still try to give his all to us and make [the lesson] as entertaining and engaging as he can.”
A self-study AP French Student, Maya Laurens, expresses her appreciation for Mr. Sisson, stating, “Mr. Sisson is the most motivating teacher I have ever had. His methods for teaching facilitate learning for every student, even those who are just there for the credit.”
Paige Benninger likes how Mr. Jones, “Finds a way to make class fun while giving us all the content we need.”
Jade Lewis-Tinsley’s favorite quality of Coach Nemec is, “The way he teaches, like he’ll show the powerpoint, but he doesn’t just read off the powerpoint…he actually explains it and gives us real-life examples, so it’s easy to understand…and he’s pretty chill, which is also cool.”
Dylan Homer likes Ms. Byrand, explaining, “She’s a great teacher. She explains things very well, and she is always there to help us when we have a question.”
According to Timothy Son, “Mrs. Lanio is very kind. She’s very lenient sometimes; she’s understanding.”
Audrey Case’s favorite attribute of Mrs. Brown is how, “You can tell she cares a lot about everybody, like she always checks up on you and sees how you’re doing. She always asks you if you have any questions, so that’s helpful.”
Maya Laurens also had a lot to say about what she likes most about Coach Palmer, sharing, “My favorite thing about Bestie P [Coach Palmer] is that he’s very chill…he’s very funny, and he’s a Sagittarius.”
As for Mr. Tingle, Christian Escarment says, “He is very caring of our needs, and he inspires me to enjoy music.”
Another student agrees, stating, “Monsieur Tinglé [Mr. Tingle] always helps out those who are lost.”
Sofia Martinez likes Mr. Reilly, “Because he pushes me out of my comfort zone when it comes to learning new things and taught me how to be more confident in myself.”
Karolina Enriquez likes Mrs. Schofer, “Because she is really accepting when it comes to her students.”
Priya Laurens’ favorite quality of Mrs. Labella is how, “She communicates by saying the same thing over and over and over again, and it helps me remember [the content].”
Eduardo Avila-Hinton appreciates Ms. Vandervalk; he says, “I love the way she teaches. I can tell that she definitely cares about what she’s teaching. I can just see it in her eyes how much she knows. [She’s] a very talented, very skilled person in the way she teaches literature.”
Hope Dang likes Mrs. LeMaster a lot, enthusiastically sharing that she likes her because, “She likes Taylor Swift, and I also like Taylor Swift a lot. She’s also very nice.”
Lastly, Sean Lee likes Coach Bernstein because, “She has a good personality, and she works hard. She’s good at teaching.”
Us students at Lanier love and appreciate each and every one of our teachers, whether that be for how understanding they are, how they teach, or simply their personality. Lanier wants to thank all of our teachers for how hard they work to give us the best learning experience possible, so thank you to each and every one of you!