Freddie Freeman leaves the Braves

Los Angeles Times

Long-time Atlanta Brave first baseman Freddie Freeman has returned home, as he is now back in California with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Freddie Freeman is coming off a winning season with the Braves, where they brought the World Series trophy to Atlanta. Freeman has been in the Braves organization for 15 years, although he has only played for the Atlanta Braves for 12 years. Freeman left the Braves due to the Braves contracts not allowing Freeman to stay in Atlanta for six years. During the 2021 season, Freeman and the Braves never worked on the contract, as Freeman’s main focus at the time was just playing ball. Freeman was drafted straight out of high school by the Gwinnett Braves in 2007. Three years later, on September 1st, Freeman was called up to the Atlanta Braves to play in his first MLB game. Then, four days later, Freeman recorded his first professional league hit against the Florida Marlins.
After the Braves won the World Series, the next move for Freeman and the Braves was to work on a deal that both could agree on. Freeman wanted a deal where he would be with the Braves for six years. However, they would only stretch the length of a contract to five years on a $140 million deal. After other teams in the league saw Freeman had not finalized things with the Braves, they started making offers to the first baseman. Freeman had offers from the Yankees, Red Soxs, Blue Jays, Rays, and even the Dodgers. The Dodgers are a team that the Braves have struggled to surpass in the playoffs until 2021. Since Freeman is from the outer parts of Los Angeles, the Dodgers are like home for him.
The Braves decided that they needed to move on from Freddie Freeman and just look at other options at first base for the upcoming year. The Braves found Freddie Freeman’s replacement as they traded him for the Athletic’s first baseman Matt Olsen, who is from Georgia. In high school, Olsen played at Parkview High School in Lilburn. Since the Braves found Olsen to replace Freeman for the upcoming year, Freeman went into free agency and was presented with many options. He quickly got a contract with the Dodgers where he signed a $162 million deal for six years.
Freddie Freeman was not just your regular first baseman. Freddie was the star of the team, face of the franchise, and leader of the team. Most of the Atlanta Braves young players have been mentored by Freddie Freeman.
As Dansby Swanson was interviewed about Freddie Freeman’s move to the Dodgers, Swanson said, “The easiest thing to say is that [jersey] No. 5 should never be worn again”.
This will be the first year since 2009 where Freddie Freeman will not be on the Atlanta Braves roster, however, the Braves hope to be World Champs again in 2022 without Freddie Freeman’s appearance.
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