Moon Knight review


Episode one of Moon Knight came out March 30th, and it already has excellent reviews. Moon Knight is another Marvel show that is uploaded on Disney Plus every Wednesday. It’s based on the 1970s comic books about a guy, Marc Specter, who has Multiple Personality Disorder. One of the personalities being Steven Grant, a museum gift shop cashier, and the other being Marc Spector, a masked killer. The episode starts out with Steven waking up and having to unchain himself from his bed. Later we find out that he is prone to sleepwalking and he can’t tell what really happened from his dreams. This keeps him from wanting to sleep, due to the fact that he’s scared where he’s going to wake up. The writers did an outstanding job of making the audience second guess if he was in reality, or if he was in a dream. It kept viewers on the edge of their seat, not wanting the show to end.
During the episode, he woke up in the middle of a town where he had no idea where he was. He went into a town and saw a group of people praising a man who is a follower of the Egyptian goddess, Ammit, and whether they had good or bad faits. If it was bad, they would just go to ash. He was soon being attacked and chased by gunmen. Then he soon jumped up from the bed thinking that it was all a dream. Then the episode ends with Steven having to work the night shift doing inventory at the museum and then being attacked by a dog-like creature.
We really didn’t see Marc Spector, which is known to be his main personality in the comics. Fred Zagotti said, “ I really wanted to see ‘Marc’, his other personality; he was my favorite character in the comics.” Although we didn’t get to see his other personalities, Moon Knight was one of the best Marvel series season openers with excellent reviews and never wanting the audience to look away. The graphics are amazing, which with Marvel, that’s not surprising. Oscar Isaac, although his accent seems forced at some points he did a fantastic job having a constant fight with himself. It was by far my favorite show premier and I’m excited to see where the show goes.