What is HOSA?


Lanier hosa


The HOSA State Leadership Conference started March 10th and ended March 12th. It was a huge state-wide event for HOSA members to show off what they can do. The club is run by Mrs. Ahmad-Harris and Mr. Spence. HOSA specializes in healthcare science and has been a popular club here at Lanier for many years.

At the HOSA State Leadership conference this year, about 4,200 people met in Atlanta to celebrate the end of another great year. There were many opportunities for students at the conference including educational symposiums, conference exhibitors, and workshops. Students competed against each other to test their skills and there are even some scholarships that are presented. The HSLC was a great learning experience for our Lanier HOSA members and they are looking forward to attending next year as well.

We got the chance to speak with HOSA’s president, Emre Downey, about her experience with HOSA…
Q: Why did you decide to join HOSA, and how has your experience been?
Downey: “I have been passionate about healthcare for as long as I can remember. My mom went back to school to get her nursing degree while I was in middle school, and watching her succeed and be so passionate about doing what she loved truly fostered my love for healthcare. In my freshman year I decided to take ‘Introduction to Healthcare Sciences’ with Mrs. Ahmad-Harris. She also was the sponsor of HOSA and it sounded like such a great opportunity that I immediately began to get involved. Just my freshmen year Faith Mani, Karla Garcia, and myself won 3rd place in Georgia for a competition. I have been extremely involved in HOSA all 4 years of highschool and it is bittersweet that it is coming to an end. I am sad that my time with HOSA is over but I am so proud of what we have accomplished and the experiences our members have gained.”

Q: What does being president of HOSA mean to you?
Downey: “I was involved with leadership in HOSA since my sophomore year. I learned from the presidents before me about what it takes to run HOSA. I love getting to work with the other members of HOSA to find what they are passionate about. One of my favorite parts of being president was working with our executive boards and helping engage our amazing juniors into all that HOSA has to offer, like networking; hands-on experiences; and meeting new people with the same love for healthcare.”

Q: How was your experience at the competition/meeting? What was your favorite part?
Downey: “Conferences and competitions are the best part of HOSA! In March, we attended State Leadership Competition in Atlanta with HOSA chapters from all over Georgia. All of Lanier’s HOSA members spent time together doing team bonding, dancing at the opening session, and learning from healthcare professionals. My favorite part of this conference was the workshop with Physician Assistants and Physician Assistant students, which is my desired career. I ended up having a conversation with a 2nd year PA student for over half an hour about her experiences and what her experience through her school and her gap years looked like. I learned so much and was able to network and make connections with people who could become my mentors.”

As you can see, HOSA is a fantastic opportunity for students who are interested in healthcare. If you are interested in healthcare science and want to grow your skills while having great opportunities to take part in with your peers, you should consider joining HOSA. If you have any questions feel free to contact Mrs. Ahmad-Harris or Mr. Spence with any questions!