Senior picture location ideas

Colleen Sanders

Summer is approaching us, and with that, so are senior pictures. Traditionally, high school students who are planning to graduate in the coming year, will take pictures either over the summer or throughout the school season before graduation. These pictures can be used for anything, but they’re mostly used to remember the year and announce your graduation to others. There have been some beautiful senior picture locations, but there are also the more common locations like an open field or the beach. As an upcoming senior who plans to get my photos taken this summer, I’m going to share the top most creative locations for senior pictures, which you can use if you want to stand out!
1. Train Tracks – Train tracks are a very popular place for people to take pictures, they give an edgy look to your photos, and there are endless ways you can pose on them to make your photos look as natural as possible.
2. City – Not many people have taken their senior pictures in the city, so it would be a perfect place if you’re looking for something different. You can find artsy walls, cars, buildings, etc. The possibilities are endless!
3. Parking Deck – Recently, parking decks have been a very popular place to take Instagram pictures, but why stop there? Find a cool looking parking deck near you and snap your photos, I promise you won’t regret it!
4. Fountains – Fountains are not the best locations, but they work as an amusing spot to take pictures. Whether you are in front of the fountains or in them, you could take some incredible photos that no one has ever seen before.
5. Amusement Park – Amusement Parks, such as Disney World, Universal Studios, or even Six Flags, could be a legendary location to take your senior pictures. You’d definitely stand out from others because these locations are not common.
6. High School – It’s always a good idea to remember where you came from, so try snapping a few photos in front of your high school. You could take fun pictures with the sign out front, in the front entrance, or even the field or courts depending on the extracurriculars you were involved in.
7. Lake – You’ve probably seen many ocean pictures at the beach, but have you seen lake pictures? Probably not, so I would definitely recommend taking some creative lake pictures. Whether that’s with your feet in the water or standing around the lake, you are able to get all your desired photos with a beautiful background.
8. Vintage Store – Vintage locations are not the most popular for senior pictures, but they are rustic places to take some artistic pictures. Find anything vintage and snap some pictures in front of it!
9. Downtown – If you live in a small town or place with downtown areas, I would highly recommend taking pictures there! It doesn’t have to be anything dramatic, but make them fun and memorable.
10. Your Favorite Spot – Senior pictures are supposed to capture your favorite hobbies and locations, so I would recommend going to one of those spots and taking fun pictures. You could go to a park, coffee shop, library, etc.
Senior pictures might not be for everyone, but if you are thinking about doing them, I would highly recommend it. Take personalized pictures that show who you are, not just as a senior, but as a teen in high school. Trust me, you’ll want to look back on this time of your life and remember all that senior year brought to you.