The one act play that goes wrong!


Teri Lance

Students getting ready for The One Act Play that Goes Wrong

The Advanced Theater class put on the show, “The One Act Play That Goes Wrong” on April 13th and 14th. The play was based around a group of actors who try to put on a play, but everything that can go wrong, does. During the show, the actors are trying to solve a murder happening within the house.

When the owner of the house, Robert played by Noah Kay was found murdered, his fiance, Sandra played by Nuriyah Izizarry, his brother Max, played by Viraj Rampgopal, Jonathan played by Josh Napier, and Denis Perkins played by Jimmy Scott, were all suspected of killing Robert by the Dectective Chris who was played by Ally Copeland.

Throughout the show, small mishaps happen, like hands would be stepped on, water would be spat, objects would fall out of nowhere, and objects that shouldn’t be taken, would be taken. Detective Chris would interview everyone in the house for clues on who would’ve killed Robert Grove, although no one had said they were in the room where Mr. Grove was found.

Josh Napier was one of the directors of the play and as he says, “Well originally this was our one act from the fall, we had already casted it and gotten excited to perform it at competition, but unfortunately our rights to bring it there didn’t come through. In the spring, Jimmy and I had the option to pick whatever show we wanted, and we realized how much we already had grown attached to this play. We felt it was the obvious choice for us.”

Jimmy Scott, the other director put, “Well we previously were going to do it for our One Act competition show in the fall, but unfortunately due to licensing issues we couldn’t do it. So the practical reason was that it already has a cast and characterization and tech ideas for the show. However we ended up changing most of the cast anyway. On a less practical note I absolutely love the ” goes wrong” series, they are absolutely hilarious and I was super excited to do this show.”

Autumn Perez, who played as a set person during the show, said, “I was super excited to do this show because we could incorporate each of the advanced class members’ amazing talents through acting and tech!”

Noah Kay replied with, “As luck would have it, I already knew of the play when we discussed what we were putting on. I was overjoyed! And I was actually really happy I knew the character (Robert) well and I believe I fit it nicely too.”

Mrs. Lance, the Theater director, says, “ It’s my favorite project of the year cause I don’t have to do hardly anything with it, the Advanced class literally takes care of all of it they’re in charge of all the parts of it, and so by the time their done as many shows as the students have done they know exactly what to do so it’s a lot of fun, they get it all taken care of. They do require a little lighting of the fire sometimes, like lets go lets go come on, but other than that they’re usually 100 percent on top of it.”

While asking about their favorite part, Josh put it, “ Definitely at the end where Autumn stomps on Nuriyah and everything starts to come completely apart in the show, it was a great moment where we had the audience laughing the entire time!”

Jimmy said, ”My favorite part had to be the set, specifically seeing it in action. Getting to see months of work paid off with all those flats falling, especially when my character was the one that made them fall, which was an amazing experience! “

Mrs. Lance has said, “My favorite part was actually Jade (Trevor), who was in the background and most people didn’t see because she was dancing and watching an actual movie and being off task which is what her character is supposed to do but in a lot of the audience because she was in the back of it.”

The hardest part by the directors were similar by varied. Josh has said, “ There were a lot of challenges, directing is not easy that’s for sure. But I would say the most difficult part was directing my friends. Everyone in this cast and the crew are my best friends and the closest people to me and jimmy. Finding the balance between a friend was one that came with some roadblocks along the way that we had to work together to overcome.”

Jimmy wrote that, “Well two things that kind of go hand in hand is that it was one, my first time ever directing so it was difficult to manage time and rehearsals, and two, being cast in the show as well made it difficult to look into certain scenes with an outsider’s perspective if that makes sense. Also doing all that and having to learn lines and blocking certainly wasn’t easy.”

This show has forever stayed in the hearts of our student directors and the advanced class who had the best time with “The One Act Play That Goes Wrong.” This show was hilarious and mysterious, it’s great that all the things that went wrong were on purpose and not by accident.