Where are our Seniors headed?



Seniors taking a picture together.

Seniors of 2022 are leaving this school to make room for the new seniors of 2023, and I have reached out to see a few of their plans. If you want a more comprehensive look, check out the Instagram page, Lanierdecisions22; it shows that at least five of our seniors are off to Georgia Tech, including Christian Escarment and Jacob Blakey; at least 10 are on their way to UGA including Paige Benninger and Senior President, Bailey Bradford, and some, such as Keller Hartle, Joey Graham and Xander Little are on their way to higher education while playing sports. But before these seniors become freshmen again, let’s get their take on their next steps.

· Nuriyah Irizarry said, “I’m majoring in theater, hopefully at Texas State, and it’s really good! I have a callback for their program next week.” She applied for the Theater program at Texas State after doing theater here at Lanier for four years.

· Leah Rampergash noted, “I plan on attending KSU and I hope to get into their honors college. My dream college had always been GA Tech. I love the city and it would be a really cool feat to have made it in, even though I do not plan on anything.”

· Jimmy Scott explained, “I know for a fact I’d go to college for a BFA in acting or performing arts, then from college on just trying to get a stable career going. I’ve already been accepted to a few like GTA, Oglethorpe, and AMDA. I have auditions for Texas State, Minnesota, and Evansville coming up, which would be great schools to be accepted to.”

· Audrey Case replied, “I’m planning on going to college in the fall to major in English, I’ll probably stay working as well. So far I’ve gotten accepted to four places but I’m still waiting to hear back from three, one of which is my dream school aka UGA.”

College seems to be hot on these seniors’ minds, but I also asked what they have going on after graduating high school, other than college.

· “Honestly, starting my career in Theater after high school is going to be so much fun! I’m very excited to see where life takes me.” Nuriyah replied.

· “I’ve actually thought about visiting London, or maybe going up to Washington to see my family and the sights if I had enough money to save,” Audrey confirmed.

· “Depending on what college I get into, I might move but we’ll have to see! Other than that really I don’t have anything planned specifically,” remarked Jimmy.

· “After graduation, my family and I are taking a trip to Europe! We plan to fly into Spain and take a cruise from there.” Leah mentioned.

I also asked friends what they thought about the seniors they know and how they feel about the seniors leaving, one stated, “The few seniors that I have met have been very encouraging, uplifting, and super nice in general.” Another had the same response, “They’re very welcoming and very kind, then there are certain ones who act like an older sibling which is nice.”

While another has said how she feels upset seeing her friends go, “I am really sad because we have so many great seniors who have helped build up this school. I have known some since my freshman year, so to see them leave is definitely hard, but I know they all are going to do such incredible things beyond this school. I’m so excited to see where their futures take them in life.”

The class of 2022 has shown an example for the classes of 2023, 2024, and 2025. The class of 2023 will hopefully do what the current seniors have done and set an example for the new upcoming freshmen. Sadly, seniors currently have to go, but the mark they leave on younger students will never leave.