Africa’s newest champion!

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On Sunday, February 6th, of this year, Africa claimed their newest football champion to be Senegal. The continental champions were decided after a teeth-gritting match against Egypt. This has been counted as the first time in Africa’s history that the country of Senegal has received the title. The last time Senegal has seen the finish line was back in 2019 when their hopes fell short against Algeria. This year, Senegal came back hungrier than ever when they were pitted up against the well-renowned team of Egypt. The match ended with Senegal doubling Egypt with a score of 4-2.
The country’s victory didn’t come easy as Egypt put up respectable efforts which made the match all the more enjoyable. Commentators reported that Senegal seemed to remain on top throughout the beginning until Egypt retaliated in the second half. This was enough to send the game into overtime. After 30 minutes of scoreless overtime, the match came down to penalty kicks to decide the victor. As the crowd reared to the edge of their seats, Senegal’s savior, Sadio Mané stepped up to the line. This is where the most exciting moment came to light as Mané buried a rocket into the net. Honorable efforts were also shown from Senegal’s goalie, Edouard Mendy, thanks to his saves during the penalty kicks.
While the game was of peak enjoyment to the public, the audience of the match couldn’t contain the excitement towards the end of the game when a deadly stadium crush occurred. Many blame the occurrence on the stadium’s gates being closed. This incident took the lives of 8 people while injuring at least 38 others. Although the incident was overshadowed by senegle’s championship win, a public announcement was held the following day where the losses were revealed. Further inspections are taking place for authorities to understand the series of unfortunate events.
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