Crazy in love: what would you do if your mother did this?


Love is an emotion with no limits. It has endless boundaries and can’t be defined to one thing. This emotion can even lead to other emotions like jealousy, lust, regret, and hope. Somewhere in this mix of emotions comes crazy. People will do anything for love— even crazy things.
Every woman wants their man to do crazy, extravagant acts out of love. A huge romantic public proposal in the middle of Times Square sounds ideal, but what about your own mother putting up a billboard of yourself to find “Mr. Right” instead? The mother of Molly Davis, a single woman living in Boston, put up a billboard in Times Square and teamed up with a dating app to display her daughter’s profile in the middle of Times Square. Despite the humor surrounding this whole motherly joke, it actually was inspired by desperation and love. Beth Davis, Molly’s mother, was desperate to find her daughter the perfect man before she leaves this world, due to her second diagnosis of cancer. Beth knew that once cancer tore her away from her daughter, she would be short some of her family, and Beth wanted a good family man in her life to surround her with a loving and caring family. Molly and her mother were very close, so this loss would be a lot to handle. Mother Davis was making sure her daughter would be surrounded by a caring family amidst these hard times. The billboard might be extreme, but she derived this crazy idea from her emotions of maternity, fear for her daughter in the future, and love for her daughter.
Love for a significant other can be very passionate, very strong, and every partnership love is unique to the couple. Couples show each other love in many different ways, and when it comes to proposing, each man makes a choice of how to propose that best fits their relationship’s view as romantic. One man decided to fake his own death as his proposal. He went so far as hiring a movie director, stunt men, and even makeup artists to make his injuries look real. He went all out to show his future fiance how much she needed him before getting on one knee. When asked about his motives for doing such a gruesome proposal, he replied, “I wanted her to realize how empty her life would be without me and how life would have no meaning without me.” Alexey Bykov faked his death and had his girlfriend bawling her eyes out, so he could have her realize life without him would be unbearable before asking this big question. Most people would view this as crazy and run for the hills, however, this woman said yes! His tactics worked for them, and now they are happily married. Love is crazy, and crazy could just be love.
Popping the question is a massive step in a relationship, but what about breakups? Breakups are seen as gut-wrenching and messy, even a symbol of the end of a relationship, but this one kid could not accept the end of their relationship. Jordan Cardella was head over heels for his girlfriend, so much so that their breakup drove him to convince his friend to shoot him! Yes, I mean shoot him with an actual gun. This young man convinced himself that being put in the hospital with a gunshot injury would make his EX-girlfriend miserable and get her to take him back. He was so invested in this idea that he asked his friend to shoot him three times, which thankfully, he didn’t, but his friend still shot him once! Not only did this end in a two-year probation sentence for both kids, but the ex-girlfriend ended up wanting nothing to do with him. I think it’s fair to say this was seriously crazy, along with stupid, but of course, it was driven by love.
Forbidden love is hard-working and secret love, but what happens when you’re done playing by everyone else’s rules? For some people, that means leaving their village and living in a cave alone together. In the 1950’s, a 19 year old, Liu Guojiang, and a widowed mother, Xu Chaoqing, fell in love in their little village. Their village shunned them because of their age gap, which was over ten years. The villagers’ ridiculing forced them to leave the village and make a home for themselves in a cave. Finally finding peace, the couple never looked back to their village. Guojiang even built stairs with his bare hands, so his wife could move around more as they aged. 50 years of hard work just so his loved one could be more comfortable in their secluded living space. Living in a cave does sound crazy, but not too crazy for this couple’s love for each other.
As Will Smith would say, “but love will make you do crazy things,” and he couldn’t be more right. From getting a friend to shoot you to living in a cave, there are no limits to crazy lovers. How crazy would you get for love? Only one way to find out…
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