Russian Billionaire puts a hit out on Putin


Russian billionaire Alex Konanykhin

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine goes into its first month, many have started speculating as to how long the invasion will last and its outcome. This comes as a Russian billionaire posted a $1million hit on Putin. The Russian billionaire, Alex Konanykhim, CEO of software company TransparentBusiness, according to Fortune, said, “I did it because I want to contribute to the change of perception of Putin from an unquestionable ruler to somebody who is perceived by Russians as a criminal, and an illegitimate president who is essentially a usurper of power.”
The reason that many Russian Oligarchs were very favorable of Putin was because he was good for the economy and growing profits for the Russian upper class. Now that Putin has engaged in a very unprofitable foreign war that is costing everyone everything, He is no longer favored in the Russian upper class of oligarchs. Putin himself has been taking very strict measures over fears of assassination attempts on his life. In fact he has gone as far as to replace his whole staff of almost 1000 people that regularly serve, guard, protect, cook, and even sleep with him. Putin is said to fear death by poison. The Russian billionaire believes Putin’s inner circle will soon turn on him.
It’s not just the Russian elite who are separating themselves from Putin, he is also facing rebellion from the children of close oligarchs and officials, who are unanimously protesting the Russian invasion of Ukraine on social media. Russian billionaire, Alex Konanykhim, is comfortable and at ease with announcing a reward for Putin dead or alive online. Although billionaire Konanykhim is not in fear for his life, he is in fear for his relative’s life in Russia who recently reposted the facebook bounty hunt for Putin. He worries that his relative in Russia, if caught, will spend the rest of his life in a Russian gulag for false charges against the state, and treason which could lead to execution. The next couple of month’s are not looking so well for Putin’s invasion, as most of his ammunition and fuel supply is drying up. Experts say Putin has 10 more days or at least a week for all of his non-nuclear missiles to be depleted. This is a problem for Russian troops on the ground in Ukraine because they are constantly needing to be supported by such an arsenal in their inventory. Time will tell how far this goes, possibly nuclear war. Who knows?
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