An A is an A: Why all grades should be able to exempt finals


Let’s be honest, if you have an A in any of your classes, that shows that you understand the material for that class. Taking the final exam serves no purpose, especially in the case if you fail that final, which will bring you down a letter grade. Would I rather get an A? Yes, I would, but I would accept a B. In fact, when I was a freshman taking my final for gym class, I had a 98 in the class. So for the final, I guessed every question and I just didn’t care if I passed or failed the final. Worst-case scenario I would finish off the class with an 88. Do you see my point? What’s the point in taking a final exam for a class you have an A in. If you have a B, I understand that it’s best if you take finals, but if you have an A there isn’t any real purpose. Seniors shouldn’t be the only ones that get this special privilege, and that is a fact.
Final exams serve several purposes, one of them being to make a final review of the topics covered and an assessment of each student’s knowledge of the subject. It can also be a way to save your grade if you’re failing the class. The senior class here at Lanier has the privilege of being exempt from the final exams each semester if they have an A in that respective class, but should seniors be the only ones that have this privilege? My answer is no.
Something else we can all agree on is that final exams are a stressful and dreadful burden on students and teachers. There’s last-minute studying, stress, and the fear that you’ll fail the final. If you had an A in the class then all that stress and fear would be gone. Think of it like this, if all high school grade levels were exempt from finals if they have an A, then they would be more motivated to get an A in the class. Then that would reflect better on the teachers and the school.
To an unsurprising fact, people agree with my points and they think this should be a change as well. I asked the students of Lanier, “Do you think that all grade levels should be exempt from finals if they have an A in that respective class?” Here is what they had to say:
Dennis Young, 11th grade, said, “Yes, please make this happen. If I had this opportunity when I came to Lanier, I’d be ending off every semester with straight A’s, and that’s a fact.” Saxton Micinskey, 11th grade, said, “I mean yeah I don’t see the harm in it. It really would have saved me some extra stress if that were the case.” Finally, Jarrin Latscher said, “Oh yeah, if you have an A you understand the material so there isn’t really a purpose in taking the final.”
As you can see, students strongly agree with my points and they want this to happen.
If this change actually does happen, it can benefit everyone. Nobody loses in this situation.