Gwinnett Implements New Grading Scale

Most people remember the grading scale going A(90-100), B(80-89), C(70-79), D(60-69), and F(0-59). However, the county has changed it. Why would they change it? Could it benefit us?
For the 2022 – 2023 school year Gwinnett County has made several changes. One of the biggest changes being the grading system. Several people around Gwinnett did not actually know or understand the new grading scale at first. There is not much of a difference from the original grading scale and the new scale, except for that the new scale dropped the D, so it’s now: A(90-100) B(80-89) C(70-79) F(0-69).
Gwinnett County is not the only county in Georgia to make such a big change, but is it actually to benefit us? It seems like Gwinnett County is holding us to a higher standard. Dropping the letter “D” hasn’t changed in a pass/fail line, which still sits at 70%. However, it is telling the students that anything under average is not.
Students seemed to be a little confused at first and didn’t understand why Gwinnett would change the system. The questioning grew because most teachers didn’t know about it themselves, let alone inform their students about it.
According to FAQ Georgia School, it seems like Gwinnett County is one of the first to make the change to the A,B,C,F scale along with Carrol County and Paulding County. There are several counties in our area still use the A(90-100), B(80-89), C(70-79), D(60-69), F(0-59) grading system such as Buford City, Carroll County, Wilkinson County, McIntosh County, Bacon County, Coffee County, White County, etc.
In Newnan, Georgia the grading system was A, B, C, D, F. In this system D is considered passing, but since it is a perfect 70 it is quite hard to get. When Mr. Grant was asked why the county dropped the “D” he explained, “They got rid of it for college purposes. Also for your GPA the ‘D’ was actually bringing down your GPA.” If this is true then the county is trying to help students get into better colleges with better scholarships. Ultimately, the new grading scale was implemented to improve students’ GPAs and make it easier for students to pass.