Teacher Shortage

As the new school year begins, students start to see so many new faces, whether it’s teachers or faculty. However, what isn’t seen is the struggle it has been to hire these new additions. Since the pandemic hit, teachers in the U.S. have been dealing with a workload of stress; some even say that they just don’t enjoy their job anymore. This and the low income is a major factor as to why college students and current teachers do not want to continue this profession. The U.S. Department of Education announced that on average, each school had three unfilled teaching positions. Almost as high as the last teaching shortage in 2008. In an attempt to fix the problem, the Florida legislature has allowed veterans to teach, without a degree. Florida stated that they were only looking for a 2.5 GPA. How will this educate and benefit students, when their “teacher” has a 2.5 GPA and no degree. All states require people to have at least a bachelor’s degree and a state-approved teacher preparation program certificate. This higher learning is how teachers are able to successfully educate students to reach their fullest potential. Teachers are the foundation of any education, and without them younger generations are going to struggle.

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