Lanier’s parking shortage


Ashley Kenney

Photo is of the student parking lot

Here at Lanier High School, our student population numbers are growing, and more students are driving to school. As a result all the parking spots are filling up faster, making it harder for students to park at the school. Once students get their own license and a car, they would rather drive themselves to school than take the bus. But unfortunately, not everyone can park at the school, because there are not enough spots.
To limit the amount of students that can park in the school’s lot, students have to pay for a spot in either lot. Once students have their pass they can only park in that assigned parking spot. This is to ensure that the cars are supposed to be parked in the lot and it is to help make it easier for students that paid for parking to get a spot. Spots fill up fast so some parents are starting to buy passes during the summer.
Right now, in the main senior lot, there are about 91 parking spots, and about 12 of those are taken by teachers. This amount of parking spots does not allow for even a third of any senior class to fit in the senior lot if they wanted. Those left over seniors start to get parking spots in the junior lot, taking away from the amount of parking spots that the juniors can use if they choose to drive to school.
Mrs. Moye in student services, who is in charge of handing out the student passes for parking, usually hands out around 300 passes each year, this includes both juniors and seniors. With all these passes out and being used, almost every parking spot is taken. Only 300 total parking spots and passes, do not allow for half of either grade level to fit in the parking lot. Each year it is a race to get a spot at the school, making it a harder year for students that drive.