Digital Learning Days


Andrea Vega-Munoz

The platform used by students for digital learning days.

Digital learning day is when students are able to stay at home and do their school work from home through eClass. Normally, the teachers give students work they need to complete at home or a day for students to catch up on assignments, study, and relax. These days were implemented after the effects of Covid when most students were under quarantine and forced to work from home.
When it comes to digital learning days, teachers are still required to come into the school building. When asking Mr. Deppe, a teacher at Lanier High School, about the digital day we had on September 16th, he expressed that it was a smart choice, and that he believes that the digital day benefited the teachers greatly. He went on to explain that they normally have meetings in the morning, and then are released to work on what they need to. Most of the time this includes grading, lesson plans, and any other work they might have to catch up on.
Digital learning days were introduced after the effects of Covid-19. According to Mr. Grant they were most likely implemented for the benefit of the teachers; allowing them to have more meetings and to catch up where they might be behind. . He also made it apparent that they were most likely kept around to balance out any missed days, and to keep students on track for graduation. When looking at it from an outside point of view, digital learning days serve as a makeup day for both teachers and students who need an “extra” day of planning.