Hurricane Ian Aftermath


Hurricane Ian near the Gulf of Mexico

Florida continues to deal with the Hurricane Ian aftermath. Hurricanes are mostly caused by low pressure areas that move through the moisture-rich tropics. Since Florida is a peninsula-a piece of land that touches water from three sides-it is more likely to have hurricanes that can form around it. On September 28, 2022 a high-end category 4 hurricane hit the west coast of Florida. Which is now known as “Hurricane Ian”. The Hurricane, “Ian”, originated from a tropical wave that moved off the coast of western Africa and across the central tropical Atlantic towards the Windward Islands. According to the World Vision it stated, “Ian originated from over the central Caribbean Sea late Friday, as a tropical storm.” Also, hurricane Ian was one of the deadliest hurricanes to ever hit Florida comparable to San Felipe-Okeechobee Hurricane. According to the New York Times, it stated, “ Hurricane Ian was blamed by state and county officials for at least 119 deaths, more than any other hurricane had caused in Florida since 1935.” This highlights how devastating Hurricane Ian’s effect was on the people and country. Since the Hurricane also shredded houses and other buildings in its way. Also, many people who lived in Florida were suffering from floods formed by Hurricane Ian. Which further demolished the state of Florida. Hurricane Ian might go down in history as the most devastating in hurricane history.
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