Does the New Program Have A Positive Impact for Soccer?


Dale Zarine

The girls’ soccer team 2021

A brand new program has been introduced for the girl’s soccer team here at Lanier High School. With some coaches leaving, new ones had to be hired for the Lanier soccer team to compete: Tyler Kenyon is the new junior varsity coach, and Phillip David is the new head varsity coach for this coming season. The girls who are returning to the teams need to get used to the program along with the new coaches. Tryouts are being held in the following months, but the official season starts in January.
In an interview with the new Varsity coach, Phillip Davis discussed the new program. “You have to be eligible to play, meaning you need to pass 6 out of 7 classes each semester, and you need to have your physical updated yearly.” These are the requirements to fully try out for the girls’ soccer team. With coach Davis being new to Lanier High School, he hopes that more girls will be willing to try out for the team this year, and he is looking forward to the new program. “I hope that the impact will be positive for both the coaches and the girls and I hope they will enjoy soccer the way I enjoy coaching.”
Coach Davis plans on including weight training, distance running, and other overall body exercises in the conditioning plan for this year’s season. Many coaches are not used to this new program for the soccer teams, but they do hope that it will have a positive impact and help with the winning of the teams.