GA vs TN

This Saturday, the Georgia Bulldogs take on the Tennessee Vols, both undefeated, 8-0. With Georgia averaging 42 points per game and Tennessee averaging around 49 points per game. The match up prediction on predicts Georgia has a 75% chance of winning and Tennessee a 25% chance.
Ever since the Vols have gone undefeated this 2022 season the fans have been in a frenzy. On October 15th, Tennessee and Alabama had a huge match up, neck and neck for the majority of the game. With three minutes left on the clock it was tied 49-49. Tennessee scored and the wins went wild and over 100,000 fans rushed the field and stole Alabama’s field goal and threw the goal into the Goal River.
After Tennessee fans stole the Alabama field goal, and had to deal with a $100,000 fine, it will be a very interesting match up seeing how these very competitive fans react to the biggest college football matchup in the country.