Less Tests, More Work


Wendy Rodriguez

School Work Assignment

Tests these days have gotten a lot of attention due to how many students must take per month. It’s a good way to know how well students understand the material, but excessive exams are causing a lot of stress for some students, including myself. New exams that have been assigned to students are negatively affecting many students’ grades, and are making the students appear unintellegent. Many students get good grades on their assignments, but their grades fall the moment exams take place. Take a look at exams, most of the questions assigned aren’t as specific as the ones that teachers give. For example, when teachers provide review questions, the way the question and answer choices are worded is in such a way that is easy for students to understand. In an exam, the wording of both the questions and answer choices are very hard to understand and often make you question if you ever really learned it.
As for classwork, it usually asks for information that makes more sense to students. The material is worded in a simpler way that students are able to gain a better understanding of the material. In the context of exams, the student has studied the material in certain terms and ways, and suddenly comes across a question on the test that was worded differently and often in a hard-to-understand way. Which makes understanding the questions more difficult.
Assigning more school work instead of having more exams could help with this issue, taking more time on classwork to understand the material, rather than constantly testing with wording that’s too difficult for students to understand. For example the study guides are sometimes put together by the students themselves to memorize and learn in their own way to help when they take their exam but are surprised and lost when the exams are put in a different wording.
Some students are taking four exams in one month in just one class and it has negatively affected their grade compared to their classwork.
Adults usually judge you based on your grades, which is what stresses people out; especially if there are adults telling students that no college will accept them because of their grades. Some teachers even go as far as humiliating students by ‘whispering’ their grade, and everyone around is able to hear. Unfortunately, not many adults realize that the majority of the students’ grades are low because of the excessive amount of exams they have per month, but not many can do anything much about it as more required exams are added by the districts.