Michigan vs Ohio State Predictions


Wolverine Wire

Michigan and Ohio State player getting into an argument

With a big game coming up with the Michigan Wolverines vs the Ohio State Buckeyes. Journalists and Sport channels including ESPN, CBS, and FOX are going insane over this game as it is the biggest rivalry in sports history as it’s called the “Border war”. This game is so big that the lowest price for tickets are going as high as $550 and the most expensive tickets are skyrocketing up to $1500. With both teams running backs being absolute power houses in the BIG10. Blake Corum representing Michigan having 1,078 rushing yards and 14 tds this season. While TreVeon Henderson representing Ohio State has depressing stats of 552 rushing yards and 6 tds. Ohio State’s one up on Michigan is that Ohio State has their extraordinarily talented quarterback CJ Stroud which this season alone has 2,453 passing yards with only 4 interceptions. While on the contrast Michigan’s quarterback J.J. McCarthy has only 1,615 passing yards with only 2 interceptions. Most students at Lanier High School stated that they “believe that Michigan will win due to their talented running back”. We will see the outcome on Saturday, November 26th 2022.