Restaurant Review: 786 Kebab Curry

Andrew Janjigian

Samosa’s photographed for Serious Eats

Have you ever tried Indian food? Many people around the world think Indian food is amazing, I really do recommend a local place that is highly recommended is 786 Kebab & Curry. When you walk in the restaurant it’s set up like a buffet where they have the samosa (a fried baked pastry), chicken soup, rice, and many other food items. There are two types of samosa: vegetable and lamb. Both the lamb and veggie samosas are some of the most flavorful samosas in the world, at least in my humble opinion and experience. Mrs. McRee and Mr. Grant voiced their opinions on Indian food; Mr. Grant said he would be open to trying Indian food but hasn’t yet. On the other hand Mrs. McRee wouldn’t like to try the Indian food that I suggested. Overall, it’s always good to try new things in life and become more open to different cultures’ food.