New Soccer Program


Lanier High Photographer

Soccer game, ball being chested

Over the years, the Lanier men’s soccer program has slowly built its way up to being a prominent team in the region; in this period of time the soccer program has had the same coaches and most of the same policies. However, both the boys and girls soccer coaches moved to different schools this year, leaving the program behind with brand new coaches, with Coach Deppe being the new boys coach and Coach Davis being the new girls coach there will be new requirements and expectations for the program.
Some requirements are: you have to be passing 6 out 7 classes, you have to show up to practice and games, and you will need an updated physical. After the interview with Coach Davis, he said he had a few things he wanted to change, or do differently.
“I plan to get the team more active, and get more girls involved compared to the amount last year,” says Coach Davis. Coach Davis plans to get more people involved in the girls soccer program, and he hopes he can get more than the amount of girls last year. He also wants to make the program more competitive, but also enjoyable for the students playing.
Although conditioning is not required, it is recommended because it will show the coaches how dedicated one is. Apart from increasing one’s chances at making the team, attending conditioning will help prepare the players for the intensity of the season. When it comes down to players with similar skill levels, players going to conditioning vs. not going may come into play.
Students and or players may be able to train and workout in the weight room for conditioning, and for practice, but this is still just a possibility.
With the new soccer program and season approaching quickly, you can expect a slightly different experience with new coaches and processes. Make sure to get ready for the new soccer season coming in 2022-2023!