Pecan Pie is the Best Pie for this Holiday Season


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A scrumptious pecan pie.

Pecan pie has such a scrumptious flavor, with the smell of autumn all over. When you take a bite of this pie, it truly melts in your mouth with the perfect balance of textures. As one of the few pies with a crunchy top layer, it’s truly unique within its own craft. Pecan pie is the best kind of pie to have at your Thanksgiving dinner.
One reason pecan pie is the best is due to it having a unique flavor palette, as it’s a nut-flavored pie rather than the more common fruit pies, such as pumpkin or apple pie. The taste of a pecan is quite simple, which is why it’s easily able to be balanced with a variety of other flavors, this contrasts with, say, apples, which have a signature taste that isn’t exactly good with everything. While others might say pies such as cherry, pumpkin, or apple are better, pecan pie doesn’t need a topping such as whipped cream to make it spectacular; all it needs is the flavor of the pie and it’s already a delicious dessert. According to “Grub Street”, an online food newsletter, pecan pie has, “…the gooeyness of a candy bar, the crunchy texture and warm flavor of toasted nuts, and that flaky, buttery crust.” You can truly see that others are just as passionate as I am when it comes to this astounding sweet treat.
Some people however, don’t share the same passion “Grub Street” and I have for pecan pie.
“Apple pie is definitely better…it has a sort of syrup on it which makes it taste so good, I’d say you’re delusional.” says Liana Priggie, a Sophomore at Lanier, and while this may be true, pecan pie has a delectable filling which any pie lover would enjoy.
“I like pecan pecan pie…because it tastes good. I’ve never really thought about it…but when the pecans are crunched up, it’s much better with the balance of texture!” exclaimed Coach Deppe, a teacher at Lanier High School. I definitely agree with his way of eating it, providing the perfect balance.
Pecan pie is the perfect dessert for fall. It provides texture in the form of a gorgeous pecan crunch, flavor within its cinnamon goodness, and it’s just perfect for the autumn months. This holiday season, get a pumpkin pie to feast on with your family, as it’s the best pie to have.
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