Parking pass horror stories

Carly Osorio

While parking may just be a small part of driving, it’s very necessary. In order to park at Lanier High School, the students must obtain a parking pass by making a payment, filling out an information form, and bringing copies of personal information. Many of my peers, including myself, have had many struggles with getting our parking pass; especially since the consequences for not having one are pretty severe. Security in the school lot has even been increased, all of which causes unnecessary complications in the process of obtaining a parking pass. Here are a couple of stories from Lanier High School students about their struggles to park legally in the school lot:

(Elodi Martinez,11th grade,16 years old) Elodi began by saying, “The struggle is real.” She then explained her annoying, overly complicated process of getting her parking pass: After visiting student services about her parking pass, Elodi had to go outside to her car during the school day and take a picture of her license plate, insurance card, and license to send to her mom, so she could pay for her pass online. After making the payment, Elodi went onto the school website herself to print off the parking form plus make front and back copies of her insurance card and license yet again. In the span of these days, she was getting warnings put on her car about parking illegally without a parking pass. The next day, Elodi finally got one of her teachers to let her go get her decal sticker. Annoyed, she then tells me “[I] had to wait in a line of other students doing the same thing, when I could’ve been learning in my class.” After finally getting the pass, no teacher would let her out of class to put the sticker on her car. You could imagine what that caused to be put on her car. Frustrated, Elodi says to me, “So I had gotten yet another warning for no reason.”

(Madi Fadely,12th grade,17 years old) Madison had her own problems with getting a parking pass for the senior lot. Since the senior lot is significantly smaller than the normal student lot, it gets filled very quickly. According to Madison, she bought her parking pass online. With the limited number of spots in the senior lot, she expressed to me the fear she had of not being able to get a spot after already paying for the pass. When school started, she went to student services a number of times to get the sticker to put on her car and the spot number, so she knew what spot to park in. Only, there were complications and the decal stickers were printed incorrectly. After visiting multiple times, each one pushing back the date to when the stickers will be available; Madison finally got everything she needed on the second week of school. “I’m just glad I got my own spot, and I hope nobody steals it if they get to school before me!” she exclaimed to me.

My own struggle to get a parking pass has been so unnecessarily complicated. It took me being sent back three times with a different complication each time to finally obtain my parking pass. Keep in mind, I had already paid the fee for my pass online. The first time, I was in a rush to get my parking pass and filled out the car information form incorrectly. Then, I had to fix that at home amidst the billions of other things I have to do, like softball and homework. When I finally filled that out, I set it down somewhere and lost it. I found random school papers, but couldn’t find this form. In the span of a few days, I kept getting warnings put on my car that I’ll get in trouble for parking illegally. Eventually, I got the form again and filled it out completely just for them to tell me that the copy they have of my license and my car insurance from last year needs to be renewed every year. That would be the second time I got sent back with new information on why I can’t get my parking pass. Since I really needed this parking pass, I found time in class the next day to give the school my license and car insurance card. You would think I’m good to go, right? Apparently my car insurance card expired. I didn’t even know car insurance cards could expire. I was so frustrated I just begged my mom to email her the car insurance information, and with my luck that day I got contact-traced. The day I came back from being contact-traced, I got my parking decal and finally had everything I needed. Of course that calmness couldn’t last because I had car complications that same day, which sent my car to the shop. Now I have to drive my mom’s car that isn’t even in the system. I immediately got my mom’s car put in the system and did so with ease, since I already dealt with everything that could go wrong.

There are so many things that could go wrong when trying to get a parking decal. In order to avoid all the complications, do not procrastinate. Get everything you need as soon as you can, pay online, make sure everything is up to date, and you will be set. Good luck getting those passes!