Vending machine prices – where does that money go?


School vending machines can be lifesavers for students and staff! Forgot to bring a snack or water during lunch? The school vending machines will be there stocked for you. Can’t find anything enjoyable during lunch? Vending machines will have great options for you to use, making them a good investment to schools. Vending machines provide students with easy access to snacks and beverages, can be used to make payments with other things in schools, and provide nutritional foods to students. Vending machines overall are a good idea and something that schools should invest in, but with the high prices of vending machine products, how does it affect the student? Will this benefit the school and the students altogether? I guess you will have to decide that for yourself.

In the vending machine business, the general rule for pricing vending machines is to double the cost of the items. This can be adjusted to match the school’s marketing demands. Tax for vending machines can be seen as a big deal to consumers. Some say that when it’s broken down, tax seems reasonable as it gives back to the manufacturer (the brand) of the product, the supplier, and the money it costs to manufacture the product. With the annual sales tax of eight percent, vendors can get different prices depending on the product. Operations on vending machine products are not cheap, and there has to be a balance between the prices where it isn’t too high, where the customers will not purchase the product, or too low, where vendors have a high chance of losing money.

Lanier High School students can use vending machines during lunch, before school, and after school. The vending machines have items ranging from water, flavored beverages, sodas, and various candy, chips, and other snacks. Certain vending machines have items at a price from $1.75 and $2.00. Some items are the same and have different prices, and some items are different and have the same prices. How it affects the students is the question at hand when it comes to vending machines. This is something that is relevant to all students, not just the students at Lanier High School. Some students have decided to start buying from other students due to the price difference.

“In my opinion, the vending machine prices are doubles, and what you’re buying is worth much less than you’re paying,” said Ikeainecia Smith, a sophomore at Northeast High School.

“With the vending machine prices increasing on different days, if there was a student selling the same products for a lower price I would buy from them instead,” said Saniya Scott, a sophomore at Lanier High School.

In conclusion, the cost of vending machine items is something that can have positives and negatives to some people. The positives are that the vending machine cost has to be a certain price, so everything is in balance, and no one is losing any money. Vending machines in schools can also help with earning revenue for the school, and students having snacks throughout the day has helped them improve their concentration in class and help them perform better. The negatives are that some people think the tax that the vending machines give to students is too high at Lanier High School. People at other schools think that they would rather buy from a student for less rather than pay more at the vending machine. So the real question is, do vending machines affect students in a good or bad way?

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