FCA looks a little different this year

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes club, also known as FCA, is a student-run club for Christians who want to come together and grow in their faith. FCA was founded in 1954, however not until recently, became a popular club at Lanier and continues to be growing all over the country. It is widely known for uniting athletes and their faith to spread the word of Jesus Christ around their schools.

Specifically, at Lanier, the club has planned to bring in even more students than the previous years. This school year, they plan to have more meeting dates, new themes, and breakfast/food every week. Their motto for the club is “All are welcome,” because you don’t have to be an athlete or religious to come. The club is specifically for anyone who is looking to come together with their fellow peers and join a friendly environment.

FCA has meetings on Friday mornings with a leader sharing their devotion. On Monday afternoons, after school hours, a guest speaker, such as a local pastor or a teacher in the school, will come and talk to the students. On Friday mornings, the theme is “Who is God to you?” and each leader will answer that question while sharing their devotion each week. The first official afternoon meeting is on September 13, 2021 at 5:45pm at the Lanier High Football Stadium. The speaker will be Corron Boston from Sugar Hill Church; he will be sharing his knowledge and teaching the members how to grow in their lives. With this, the club hopes to continue expanding every year, while making a difference in the Lanier High School community.

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