Slaughter at Stone Mountain

On July 28th, a young woman was shot multiple times in Stone Mountain, Georgia. She was found early Wednesday morning on a resident’s daily walk. Detectives identified her as 18-year-old Tori Long. Her corpse was found in Yellow River park underneath a rotted oak tree. Her 2012 light blue Nissan Versa was found about four miles away, where it was dumped and reportedly set on fire. “Lang’s relatives saw information about the case and pictures of Lang’s tattoos on social media and notified law enforcement,” stated Gwinnett County police. This area has a notoriety to be a place where violent crime occurs. Stone mountain is only safer than 9% of other cities in America. There’s a 32% chance that someone in Stone mountain will experience at least one crime within a year. In relation, the average in Georgia is just 21% to experience a crime. That’s an 11% increase then the state average! Police are still investigating the situation for more details. So far no arrests have been made and the motive for the case is still unknown. If you have any tips or information on this case please contact the Gwinnett County police department.

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Stone Mountain Crime Rates and Statistics