New pads crew 2021


Zoe Zagotti

Joey Graham, Noah Richardson, Reese Carr, and Andrew Walton at the Mountain View home game.

Now that football season has started, The Herd is back up and better than ever. With a new school year comes a new pads crew. Pads crew is an exclusive group made up of three seniors. They encourage and motivate the student section at games, and try to get their classmates to show up to all the school’s sporting events. This year’s pads are Andrew Walton, Noah Richardson, and Reese Carr. They have a lot of fun showing up and supporting Lanier High School in all the school sporting events. Being on pads comes with responsibilities, such as redecorating the pads they wear at football games, helping out the class Herd Leaders with getting supplies for tailgates, and also with getting the word around about all the games coming up. When the pads crew shows up to the game, the energy in our student section escalates, as they keep hyping up the students. At our toughest losses and our greatest wins, the people on pads help us connect and motivate the players on the field.
To get on pads, you have to be able to rile up a crowd and hopefully the herd leader will see your efforts and assign you pads. Andrew Walton said that he had been working towards this since sophomore year. “I’ve had a lot of older friends that always encouraged me to be loud at all the sports games… so I got Joey’s [the current Herd Leader] attention and he asked me to be one of the people [on pads],” Andrew said. They have a lot of fun showing up and supporting Lanier High School in all their sports events. “The only responsibility is to make sure I can’t get out a word Saturday morning, because of all the screaming I did the night before,” Andrew said.