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Teamwork happening in Mrs. LeMaster’s class during Journalism

As school is officially starting in Lanier, in comes a new year, and more clubs. From the benefits to the opportunities it provides, your future could have a positive outcome by having a better resume for college, or even applying for a job. Joining clubs can also help you get more involved with your community, like food drives, park clean ups, etc. If it does not seem interesting, you probably haven’t found the right one that involves your interests. Let’s continue with them.

Participating in clubs gets you to do new roles (being the president, vice president, secretary, etc.), form relationships, and to get you to not engage in immature behavior. By getting these new roles, you learn to get involved in what you’re doing. “The leadership roles that are available in clubs provide a valuable experience that is not generally available to young people” says, “Clubs – Club Participation, Why Participation is Expected to Benefit Youth, Benefits of Participation in Clubs.” When you join clubs, as the article said, you gain a new experience. It’s not like you can find things such as these out of school. Rather than watching TV or doing other tasks, you could be enjoying other people’s company in the club. This same article says, “One study found that there was less juvenile delinquency and less alcohol and drug use among adolescents and adults in ten public housing sites that had Boys and Girls Clubs, compared to five public housing sites with no clubs.” Joining clubs allows us to have more of an opportunity to not do certain things like this. According to, “12 Reasons Why You Should Join A Student Organization” it says, “Joining a student organization presents many opportunities to learn more about yourself, your goals, and your strengths.” You might be able to find out what to do as your future job or what you just want to do in life. Figuring out your strengths can definitely help you in the long run for someone who wants to enjoy what they love in their adult life.

I decided to interview Zoe Zagotti, as she is in some clubs such as Student Council, LSLT, and Environmental Club. She is also President of Power Flower, which is sort of a subunit of Environmental Club

I started by asking her, “What are the benefits of joining the clubs you’re in?”

“I get to learn a lot of leadership, like I’ve learned how to be a part of things. I’ve also learned how to be a leader, especially with Student Council. Just bouncing ideas off of a group, which helps me learn to not take certain things as an insult but as more of criticism” she said.
You can see here that you can learn a lot of leadership skills, which would be necessary with any job you would like to apply for.

I also asked, “What opportunities have been given to you since joining your clubs?”

“You get way more trust with the admin and teachers, so I guess I get more opportunities and more lenience.”

Having trust with your teachers is definitely something necessary just to have a better school year in general with all of these experiences.

I then asked, “How do your clubs get involved in our community?”

“Well with Student Council especially, we do a lot of community service. Like we have this big fundraiser coming up called the Food Fight against Dacula.”

She also said, “We also partnered with the West Foundation. As a branch of the Environmental Club, we get plastic bottles and turn them into really pretty flowers and then we give them to Children’s Hospitals and we give it to people who have cancer…so we at least give them something to smile about for one part of their day.”

Doing small things like this could really brighten someone’s day, just participating in community service could definitely help someone in need, or it could definitely waste up some free time at home.

For my last question, I asked, “How have these clubs affected you since joining?”

“Since I’m in more clubs, it helps me be way more organized, I read my emails much more often, I have to keep a planner now, there’s just way more things under my plate. So, I have to definitely be on top of those things.”

Organization is definitely key to having a successful school year, so even with these clubs it will help you to keep track of all of the things you need to get done.

So, as I said with in-person school starting to become mandatory for Lanier, joining clubs will definitely benefit you. Whether it’s the participation, the scholarships, or how you’re helping out your community, there are definitely a ton of ways as to why it’s so beneficial for high schoolers like most of you. It may interest you, whether it’s the arts, robotics, etc. or it may not, but it will definitely help your future goals with whatever track you have in life. So therefore, if you’re interested in joining, use this link:


Clubs – Club Participation, Why Participation is Expected to Benefit Youth, Benefits of Participation in Clubs

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