What is Helping Humanity?


Youssef Al


What exactly is Helping Humanity? Well, according to Mr. Jones, the sponsor for the club, “Helping Humanity is a club set up to provide a safe space for students to come together to talk about tough issues/topics and to make the world a better place.” Helping Humanity provides a safe space for students and teachers to be themselves without any judgement.
The overall goal of Helping Humanity is to make the school more inclusive and promote equality and social justice. Mr. Jones says that, “The goal is to make sure that we are promoting equity for all students; making sure that everybody’s voice is heard and to find ways that we can ally with those who might not be represented in other ways. It’s also important for high school students to talk about big issues that are affecting the world at large that we might not get to talk about in academic classes.”
This year is the first year post-lockdown with Mr. Jones sponsoring the Helping Humanity club, so all of the activities planned for the club are still a work in progress. We hope to have lessons and conversations where we are learning about different groups of people and how we serve them. We also hope to have some community bonding opportunities to play games, watch movies, or just have conversations and hang out to get to know each other better so that we can all create relationships between upperclassmen, underclassmen, and teachers.

The next meeting date is 9/27. Follow them on Instagram for updates: @lanierhh