CDAT: what is it and what’s happening?

Video Credit: Josh Farashian Class of 2023

Students in the Center for Design and Technology (CDAT) program at Lanier engage in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) learning as a way to enrich creativity and innovation. CDAT offers educational opportunities to aid students in the pursuit of careers within the areas of Medical and Biotechnology, Game Development, Competitive Mathematics, and so much more.

The CDAT program at Lanier High School has achieved many great things within the past year, even with a pandemic. Last school year, Lanier High School was accepted as an Amazon Future Engineer school, which allows for more programming curriculum for students. Additionally, Lanier’s CDAT STEM program was recognized as one of three high performing STEM programs in the United States in 2021 by the Florida Education Technology Conference! More information about Lanier’s CDAT program and its past accomplishments can be found here.

As for this current school year, the CDAT students have been hard at work! CDAT9 and CDAT10 students have already completed their first project. The students had to collect random objects, and they were tasked with making games out of them. The point of this project was to spark creativity amongst students, encouraging innovation and introducing students to STEM education and collaborative projects. The CDAT11 and CDAT12 students are working on capstones at the moment and what they want to do this year as they prepare for graduation. Mr. Reilly and his engineering class recently built a ramp for a student to have easier access to the outdoor classroom and garden as well. It is the hope that CDAT will encourage more students to improve their community and school with the application of the collaborative skills and STEM education they gain in the program.