Recap: 09/03 football game vs. Mountain View

Matthew Correa


So far, our Longhorns are off to a slow start, losing to the Dutchtown Bulldogs 10-28 on August 20th, 2021. Brian Williams, a junior, scored one touchdown for our Longhorns and gained a total of 84 rushing yards, 26 carries and, as previously stated, one rushing touchdown. Kason Atkinson, another junior, obtained one field goal and one PAT [Point after Touchdown].
This past Friday night, September 3, 2021, our Lanier Longhorns took on the Mountain View Bears at The Ranch. The night began with tailgate at 5:45 in the student parking lot where Spikeball and Cornhole tournaments were held. Kickoff was at 7:30 pm, and the stands were packed with a student section of about 300 people dressed in black from head to toe.
“Focus up,” said Tywan Royal.
When asked what his team needed to do on Friday to ensure their first win of the season, Twyan Royal gave a shockingly simple answer. He believed in his team that night and hoped they would do everything in their power to not make the same mistakes that cost them the Dutchtown game.
At the start of the first quarter, our Longhorns were off to a strong start with the ball in their possession. Five minutes into the first quarter, Senior Keller Hartl scored the first touchdown of the game for Lanier. Over the course of the game, Hartl gained 35 receiving yards. Junior Kason Atkinson scored the extra point after the touchdown making the score seven to zero in favor of Lanier. During the remainder of the first quarter, Lanier held Mountain View to zero points.
Our Longhorns started off with the ball once again in the second quarter. Unfortunately, four minutes in, Lanier punted the ball away on fourth down. The Mountain View Bears scored a touchdown about five minutes in However, it was withdrawn due to a flag on the play, therefore the Longhorns got the ball back at the 80 yard line. About a minute later, however, Mountain View got the ball back at the 41 yard line. Senior Sean Reese scored a touchdown for Mountain View, and their kicker made the extra point, tying the score, seven to seven. At the end of the quarter our Longhorns attempted to make a field goal, but it was blocked by the Bears. At halftime the score was still seven to seven.
At the start of the third quarter, the Bears started with the ball but turned it over three minutes in. Senior Reese Scott scored a touchdown for Lanier, and our kicker once again made the extra point, bringing the score to fourteen to seven in favor of Lanier. The Bears got the ball back and advanced towards their end zone and scored a touchdown with three minutes left in the third quarter. The kicker scored, making the score once again tied, now 14 to 14. Unfortunately, the score did not stay tied for long as the Bears scored another touchdown with two minutes remaining in the quarter. At the end of the third, the score was 14 to 21 in favor of Mountain View.
The last quarter started very quickly as Lanier scored a touchdown less than two minutes in. Unlike the previous attempts at an extra point, our kicker missed the goal causing the score to be excruciatingly close, 20 to 21 in favor of the Bears. Later in the quarter, Reese scored another touchdown for Mountain View, making the score 20 to 28. The game was close, but there was still hope that the Longhorns could secure a victory for Lanier. However, with three minutes left in the quarter our quarterback, Carson Thomas, threw an interception that put the ball in the Bears possession for the remainder of the game. The final score was a heartbreaking 20 to 28 in favor of the Mountain View Bears.
Although our Longhorns did not end up winning the game, the students and staff members were proud of the way they persevered to the very end and did not give up in the face of adversity.

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