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Get ready to roar: scientists are bringing back dinosaurs

Victoria Rojas, Photography March 30, 2022

Dinosaurs went extinct about 65,000,000 years ago, at least that's what we thought until recently. While tons of people believe that some dinosaurs survived and evolved to become reptiles, we would’ve...

Womens History Month Trivia Night

Let’s go girls: a look into Women’s History Month

Saniya Scott, Photographer March 25, 2022

The United States has had many problems with inequality and prejudice amongst people of different races, ethnicities, sexualities, and genders. One way that the United States has shown recognition in a...

RaceTrac in Downtown Sugar Hill

Gas is burning a whole in America’s pockets

Jade Lewis-Tinsley, Editor in Chief March 25, 2022

On March 8, 2022, Biden officially declared that the US banned all imports of oil and natural gas from Russia. Considering the actions Russia has made towards Ukraine recently, people should be pleased...

What’s the word about Wordle?

Jackie McNair, Editor in Chief March 16, 2022

What started as a game meant just for software engineer Josh Wardle and his partner, who happens to love word games, has become the latest internet sensation. Rapidly growing in popularity, Wordle has...

Our latest update on Ukraine and Russia

Ameen Fahmawi, G&B News Staff Writer March 16, 2022

Since NATO members discussed the ongoing fear of the Russian invasion into Ukraine last week at the Munich Security Council meeting, the worst of their fears have come to fruition. Two days ago, Putin...

5 olympians disqualified for uniform violations

5 olympians disqualified for uniform violations

Alejandro Czako, LHS News Staff Writer March 11, 2022

On Friday, February 12th, 2022, anger, and tears ensued after a total of five female Olympians were disqualified because of a clothing flaw. Olympic officials say that the uniforms that were used for the...

Someone Paid 450K to be Snoop Dog’s Virtual Neighbor

Chase Almond, G&B Writer March 8, 2022

On December 3, 2020, a man who uses the online alias “P-ape” bought a plot of virtual--- yes, virtual--- land for $450,000 . To put that into perspective, you can buy an entire house for that price....

Update on the Russia and Ukraine

Update on the Russia and Ukraine

Ameen Fahmawi, G&B News Staff Writer March 7, 2022

The United States and Russian ambassadors at the U.N. Security Council meeting exchanged insults and threats towards each other over the Ukraine situation. In an ongoing diplomatic attempt to resolve the...

Famous French fashion designer passes away

Jonathan Thompson, G&B News Staff Writer March 7, 2022

On January 23rd of 2022, Thierry Mugler, the French designer that is internationally known for his extravagant designs during the 80s and 90s, passed away. Mugler was born on December 21, 1948 in Strasbourg,...


NFTs are on the rise

Saniya Scott, Photographer March 7, 2022

One of the most popular discussions in our society right now is NFTs. A lot of people have many questions on what these are and why everyone is talking about them. NFTs are crypto-tokens that use blockchain...

Are Tom Holland and Zendeya dating?

Jonathan Thompson, G&B News Staff Writer February 28, 2022

One of the biggest questions that Hollywood fans are asking is: are Tom Holland and Zendaya in a relationship? Tom Holland is an English actor, known for portraying Peter Parker in Marvel’s Spider-Man...

How was 2021 for Lanier?

Sydney Scott, Opinion Editor February 24, 2022

The year 2021 was very eventful. There were plenty of ups and downs to keep the world on its toes. However, people were too busy with their own social lives, still heavily influenced by the everchanging...