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Midnights album cover

Taylor Swift’s New Album “Midnights”

Collier Leonard, Writer October 3, 2022

On August, 28th at the 2022 Video Music Awards, Superstar Taylor Swift announced that her new studio album “Midnights” would be released on Friday, October 21st. Taylor posted an image of her wearing...

Hoco Parade 2019

Horns Go to Hollywood!

Wayne Langley, Writer October 3, 2022

Homecoming is the tradition of welcoming back for former and new students to high school. Traditionally there is a Homecoming parade, dance, and of course football game. The Lanier High School Homecoming...

Dr. Wallace (right) and his son (left)

What did Dr. Wallace do this summer?

Cigi Stroud, Sports Editor September 27, 2022

“What did you do this summer?” Is a question frequently asked during the first several weeks of the school year. Most peoples' answers usually consist of the beach trips or cruises they went on. However,...

Teacher Shortage

Trinity Vidal, Chief Editor September 13, 2022

As the new school year begins, students start to see so many new faces, whether it’s teachers or faculty. However, what isn’t seen is the struggle it has been to hire these new additions. Since the...

What is MTSS?

Indigo Hollingsworth, Opinions Editor September 13, 2022

Intervention for students is a crucial aspect of a school system. Such as ensuring that students’ social and emotional needs are properly met, identifying and predicting students who may be at risk for...

GCPS gets a new chairwoman

GCPS gets a new chairwoman

Lydia Lunceford, Opinions Staff Writer May 10, 2022

As of Thursday, January 20th, a new GCPS Chairwoman was elected. Her name is Tarece Johnson, or Dr. Tarece, and she represents all or portions of the Berkmar, Discovery, Duluth, Meadowcreek, and Norcross...

2021-2022 Yearbook

The stories behind our Senior’s last words

Jade Lewis-Tinsley, Editor in Chief May 10, 2022

The seniors of class 2022 has already submitted their senior quotes to the yearbook. In schools across the globe, senior quotes are seen as students' last farewell to their school. Here are some of Lanier’s...

Seniors taking a picture together.

Where are our Seniors headed?

Vivian Bridgman, LHS News Staff Writer May 9, 2022

Seniors of 2022 are leaving this school to make room for the new seniors of 2023, and I have reached out to see a few of their plans. If you want a more comprehensive look, check out the Instagram page,...

Students getting ready for The One Act Play that Goes Wrong

The one act play that goes wrong!

Vivian Bridgman, LHS News Staff Writer May 3, 2022

The Advanced Theater class put on the show, “The One Act Play That Goes Wrong” on April 13th and 14th. The play was based around a group of actors who try to put on a play, but everything that can...

How to spend your spring break stay-cation

Devyn Lao, Photography Editor March 31, 2022

Spring break is right around the corner, and that could mean a beach trip with friends, a ski trip up north, or for most, a relaxing week at home. For some, staying at home sounds like the worst way to...

The Student Council Instagram Page.

Your new class president is… (StuCo election results are in!)

Cigi Stroud, Sports Editor March 31, 2022

Student Council is a group of elected or volunteer students working together to represent the student body of an educational institution. The council here at Lanier has a great degree of responsibility,...

Lanier Mock Trial

LHS Lawghorns Update

Alexis Diggs, G&B News Staff Writer March 31, 2022

Have you ever stuck up for someone who couldn't stick up for themselves? Do you ever feel relieved or happy when you finally get your point across? Or whenever you watch Law and Order, do you ever think...