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Soccer game, ball being chested
New Soccer Program
Blake Bridgewater, Writer • November 17, 2022

Over the years, the Lanier men’s soccer program has slowly built its way up to being a prominent team in the region; in this period of time...

Michigan and Ohio State player getting into an argument
Michigan vs Ohio State Predictions
Matthew Gueorguiev, Writer • November 15, 2022

With a big game coming up with the Michigan Wolverines vs the Ohio State Buckeyes. Journalists and Sport channels including ESPN, CBS, and FOX...

GA vs TN
GA vs TN
Grace Wolf, Writer • November 7, 2022

This Saturday, the Georgia Bulldogs take on the Tennessee Vols, both undefeated, 8-0. With Georgia averaging 42 points per game and Tennessee...

The girls soccer team 2021
Does the New Program Have A Positive Impact for Soccer?
Victoria Hollanda, Writer • November 3, 2022

A brand new program has been introduced for the girl's soccer team here at Lanier High School. With some coaches leaving, new ones had to be...
Africa’s newest champion!
Jose Quintanilla, Photographer • May 9, 2022

On Sunday, February 6th, of this year, Africa claimed their newest football champion to be Senegal. The continental champions were decided after...
Freddie Freeman leaves the Braves
Ayron Lackey, Sports Staff Writer • May 3, 2022

Long-time Atlanta Brave first baseman Freddie Freeman has returned home, as he is now back in California with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Freddie...
March Madness recap
Ayron Lackey, Sports Staff Writer • May 3, 2022

March Madness is the biggest event of the year for college basketball, as this tournament determines the season's national champion. If you are...
The NBA has a scoring boom!
Preston Lee, G&B News Staff Writer • April 18, 2022

Imagine this scenario and tell me what you would do. You’re a basketball player competing against the Atlanta Hawks. It’s the fourth quarter...
Tom Brady’s short-lived retirement
Kori Joseph, Sports Staff Writer • April 18, 2022

The following events only lasted for about a month because in early March Tom Brady announced he was not quite done with his football career....
Should athletes be held to a higher standard?
Zoe Zagotti, Sports Editor • April 18, 2022

Professional athletes are seen as heroes, idols, and even role models. Kids look up to pro athletes and they grow up wanting to be like them....